A note from Gloria.....

“I love being a songwriter, musician and performer, but I am also passionate about CREATIVITY!  I feel that the world would be a better place if people could find the time

and resources to explore and grow in their creative lives!  I am excited about being a

certified Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coach.  Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coaching supports creativity

by bridging the gap between where a person is creatively and where they want to be,

by using small steps, in-session experiences and by making goals EASIER and more FUN. 

KMCC techniques encourage momentum, follow-through, is explorative,

nonjudgemental, flexible and effective!  Coaching sessions are available whether

you are a visual artist, a musician, writer or you aren’t sure. 

Group workshops and one-on-one sessions are offered to help people move

to the next step in their creative lives.”

If you are interested, click here!

“Creativity is the essence of humanity.” Sir Ken Robinson

“You represent ‘human’ in the human race.  Your deep caring of others is apparent in every word you utter.  Your approach and dedication to KMCC is inspiring to those of us around you, and will also be to your future clients.  I appreciate your constant example of compassion and kindness.  --Jamie Gutierrez

“I loved working with Gloria as a creativity coach!  The sessions removed several blocks I had and shifted me into a flow space.  In addition, focusing on small steps and having follow-up time scheduled with her was a powerful motivator.  It helped me prioritize birthing my new creations even when other obligations were calling.  Gloria is an amazing listener with a gift of mirroring my reflections back to me in a way that allows me to see them more clearly.  Highly recommended!  --Karla Wilson-- Earthlight Journeys