Hello music friends!  I love a lot of things about life but I am totally passionate about writing songs, playing music and performing. I have been lucky to have had an interesting variety of musical influences.  I am a first generation immigrant refugee from North Africa--though I was born in the Midwest, I was conceived in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.  When I was a toddler, I spent a few years living with my foster family--an all-American, old-fashioned family who had hootenannies in their backyard with the sound of guitars, fiddles, banjo, mandolin jamming, interspersed with Merle Travis and Chet Atkins recordings.  When I moved back home to  my birth family, I listened to music from my homeland with interesting sliding vocal styles, intoxicating, hypnotic percussion as a musical backdrop to my days.  I was the youngest of six kids.  My brother looked like Bob Dylan and my sister like Joan Baez.  I knew every Beatles song when I was five and sang them on the long bus ride to and from school.  I met my husband, Michael Bauermeister when I was a teenager and we realized we both knew how to play and sing Ian Tyson’s “Four Strong Winds” and that began a partnership that has lasted a lifetime.  I started to play guitar when I was twelve and struggled on a $25 hand-me-down from Sears and played until my fingers bled.  I started playing banjo when I was 15 and then went on to learn mandolin and other interesting instruments.   I spend most of my time in the little river town of Augusta, MO and St. Louis, MO. I’m excited to have recorded five CD’s.....Two solo records and three in other partnerships.  Thanks to the radio stations all over the country (and other parts of the world) who play “Seeds” and “GO.”  Especially to my hometown station, KDHX-FM 88.1!


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G   L   O   R   I   A       A   T   T   O   U   N  

NEWEST CD RELEASE! Here is a song called “Let Me Hear Your Whistle Blow.” from Gloria’s new CD “GO.” This song is about her friend, Russ, who was a Vietnam Vet and loved the sound of trains.

Let Me Hear Your Whistle Blow (Click)https://soundcloud.com/gloriaattoun/let-me-hear-your-whistle-blow-1


     “Gloria Attoun’s “Go” is a pleasure from start to finish--wryly crafted songs

whose simplicity runs decidedly deep, sung & played with joy that soars above every last homespun note.  Gloria hallelujah!” 

                                                         Tom Finkel, former editor of “The Village Voice.”

     “I wish I could play “Go” from beginning to end on my radio show.  It’s on my

top ten!”                                           Stacy Bernard-KDHX-FM St. Louis

Gloria and Michael have a video out with a song
A positive message for our times!


     Dear Friends,  I am also really excited to be a certified Creativity Coach!  I facilitate groups creativity workshops and also do

one-on-one creativity coaching!

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Photo by Ben Bauermeister (Uncle Ben)


“The Arrowhead”--a song from Gloria’s debut CD “Seeds.”  This video and song is about what we leave behind.  Thanks to percussionists, Robert Fishbone & Ben Attoun Bauermeister, didgeridoo player, Zac Bauermeister and echo vocals by Gloria’s music angel, Sarah Lindquist.